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So you created a course or program!! 


Problem is...

Participants are not getting results or you just haven't pressed launch!

There are 3 main hurdles keeping you stuck...​


Problem 1: Your course isn't clear about "who" you help + how you help them. You feel like you could help everyone in this space, and worry that if you niche down too much, you’ll be leaving people out. So instead, your course is super broad and is now lost in the "just another course" fishbowl. Whoops!

Problem 2: You aren’t sure if what you created is something someone will actually buy. How much you should charge? Are they really getting value?...

So you've avoided  "pressing launch" on your program altogether because you’re terrified of getting zero sales. The horror! 

Problem 3: How do you "teach" anyway?...

You’ve poured your heart and soul into your idea, but you are not a teacher and the "copy me" method doesn't seem to be working

Courses Rewired





 One of the biggest mistakes Content Creators make is setting up a course before they have content credibility.

Your participants need to be able to TRUST in your skills, they need to LIKE you, and they need to BELIEVE that they've got the best to have ever done it.

Phase One of Courses Rewired tells you where you land on that scale.



There are a thousand and one courses in your lane — but no one does it the way you do.


During our sessions, we’re going to get clear on what sets you apart, so you know exactly how to stand out in the crowded online space.


We offer options to either receive our professional feedback only or allow Shatora to coach you on how to maximize your course's potential. 



 Walking the "Yellow Brick Road"   ensures that every inch of your content meets the strategic variables that are critical to up-level your course.

We are showing you the secrets of  Influencer Training so that your participant's experience will be a consistent success!




Defining the success of your course is essential. We will show you the system to measure and scale the success of this course and many others to come.


You can then repeat what works, and make adjustments as you continue to build onto or create more amazing programs!





Shatora is a Facilitator, Award Winning Keynote Speaker, and Entrepreneur and offers several options to work more closely with her in your professional and personal life. 

 Leverage your personality and let it shine through your course, program, or business!

Communication styles, personal preferences, and priorities vary among us and are all equally valuable.

The key is understanding yourself first so that you can be more effective.

Create more effective and productive relationships:

  • Gain insights into your own behavior and the behavior of your clients.

  • Learn how to communicate and leverage your personality.

  • Overcome challenges when working with people with different communication styles.



Customers and potential clients are the lifeblood of an organization. Every company and entrepreneur needs a solid plan to better understand their customers, their barriers, their hot buttons, and their behaviors. This begins with the functionality of the organization's leadership and employees. 

Shatora offers fun, interactive and engaging workshops, lunch & learns, team building training, and Keynotes. Think of it as “adult recess” for the individuals who directly handle the conceptual phase of the customer experience, and the leaders who oversee needs analyses, proposals, and follow-up. 

The Communicate As A Leader Workshop takes participants through the most important stages of navigating communication and behavior. A priceless gift that can be applied in the workplace and at home.


Build a high-performance course with the right structure and the right processes to become an influential asset in your customers' journey.


If you're looking to elevate your course content, you are in the right place!



7 Essentials To Upscale Your Course

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