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What if you had an audience and a team of experts to test out your course before launching?

You've put in all the hard work of creating your course.
Now the hardest part seems to be answering all of the questions in your head...

Did I do it right?

Did I give enough information?
How's my audio/video?
Will anyone really buy it?

Or maybe you have already pressed launch and are not getting the results you thought you would.

What the heck is missing?...

Revitalize, upscale, and re-launch
your course live, right here at our 

Course Analysis Beta Bootcamp! 

What You Get

- Beta test sections of  your course with a live video audience

Analysis of the key aspect of your course from content, audio and video quality, to even your facilitation and presentation (live or pre-recorded)

Get expert feedback and action steps to remaster your course

- Bonus tips to measure your course's success, have a successful launch and continue to scale.

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General Admission


VIP Admission


**VIP Includes:

VIP Only Pre-Party on

Monday, February 14 at 8:00 PM EST

​30 minute daily VIP only call

​Exclusive 45 minute 1:1 deep dive call

with Industry-leading course experts

Hot Seat Interactive Q & A during the VIP call

Warning: Space is Limited

Please be advised that there is limited availability for this Bootcamp.


In the past with hosting this event live we have hit capacity very fast.


Only join if you are serious about your course, can handle critique, and are ready for the intensity of this Bootcamp!

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